About Kyli

Bio pictureIf you’re looking at my bio, thinking “How is this woman qualified to give other people advice?” Here are some logical explanations for you:

When Kyli was a little girl and everyone else was reading Judy Blume, she was reading Dear Abby. She was wearing glasses because she’s super near- sighted, and she was nodding her head at every word thinking to herself, “Abby is fucking amazing.”

Kyli is incredibly open-minded.

She loves people from all places, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

She’s taken a few psychology classes, but more importantly, she’s seen a handful of psychologists herself. Some good, some bad. All a learning experience.

Kyli once rode on the back of an elephant in Morocco – this did not happen, but if she takes enough Melatonin at night, she sometimes has crazy dreams about these types of things –

Kyli has always given people advice. It’s what she lives for. She can’t seem to give herself great advice sometimes, but who can? She loves helping people. It warms her soul. It gives her a sense of purpose.

Kyli is an insomniac so she will answer your questions at any hour of the day – except for 6 a.m. She is always, always asleep at 6 a.m so if you have an urgent 6 a.m advice question, like something like “I’m a farmer and I have chickens, and the rooster has been waking me at 3 a.m instead of 4 a.m”…don’t bother submitting this question to Kyli. She won’t get back to you in time, and by then you’ll have sold your rooster and moved to the city.

Kyli is a small town girl who lived in Minneapolis for awhile and she misses it because there was so much to do there. Here in her small town, the most exciting thing is the circus but it only comes once a year for two days and she always misses it because she is bad at remembering dates and times. Do not let this deter you – she will answer your question in due time.


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